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Actually, we’re girls and boys. Grace was a candle maker who one day made some lip balm. This pot of handmade goodness was the only thing to hand when husband Brenden needed to solve a particular chafing problem and … well the rest is history. Since we started talking about it, countless mates have owned up to chafing and discomfort after sport, the beach and even day to day life. We’ve opened the conversation and stopped the suffering. It really works – apply Ball Balm liberally and feel the irritation melting away.


We’re based in Sydney and it’s our goal to bring you a product that is 100% natural and local. It’s made, packaged and sent from right here, which reduces our footprint and helps other local small businesses like ours. Win win!

The ingredients list includes loads of rich oils and plant extracts. The oils hydrate and protect the skin while the plant extracts do the soothing. It’s easy to apply and it smells delicious! See for yourself.

As seen on Channel 7 Sunrise.


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